We know it can be nerve wracking trying to sort through different companies and industries to see what would best work in your situation. We want to make that process easier. Listed below are some of the questions we get asked the most, and some additional information about who we are and how we operate. If there is anything else you'd like to know, please reach out! We'd love to get know you and see how we can help (and we don't like sales pitches either, so there won't be any pressure to hire us!).


how are you able to offer so many different services?

Well, the answer can be found in the question. Roar Media Group is made up of many different people! We have years of experience in each of the services we offer, and consider ourselves to have a reasonable amount of expertise. We wouldn't offer to handle something for you if we weren't absolutely confident in the outcome!

What are your payment terms?

This depends of the services we are providing. For any event that necessitates the use of a contract, we require payment in full 30 days prior to the event. Otherwise, we typically require payment upon delivery. We're more concerned with taking good care of you than we are with taking your money!

Do you travel?

We do! We love going to new places and meeting new people. All of our services include the first 50 miles (from our warehouse) of travel at no cost. After that, we do charge a per mile travel fee*.

*This pricing applies to standard packages only, and may fluctuate based on current fuel prices. Longer distances or larger events will be addressed on a case by case basis.



When will i receive my photos?

We have various turnaround times for each package, depending on the amount of photos taken. As a general rule of thumb, sessions with less than 50 photos will be delivered within 48 hours. Sessions with more than 50 photos will be delivered within 5 business days. We take our time with each photo to make sure they are absolutely perfect, while still trying to deliver your images in a timely manner. We know how frustrating it can be to wait, so we'll do our best to work quickly!

*Wedding package delivery times will be longer, simply due to the sheer amount of photos we take.

will you edit my photos?

Absolutely! We look at every single photo we take and make adjustments before delivering them. Our talented team of photographers and photo editors work together to provide you with the best images possible. This is included with every single photo package we offer, at no additional cost. We know most photographers charge extra for photo editing, but we believe that our job is to give you a beautiful set of images, regardless of the extra time and effort required in the editing room.

What is your editing style?

The fact that we have multiple photographers/editors on staff means that we can produce images that match your preference. Our "default" style would be better characterized as "photo enhancement" rather than "photo editing", as we strive to make our images feel natural, immersive, and fully representative of the subject. However, we love crafting more dramatic looks at your request. We've tackled everything from "dark and moody" to "light and airy" to "cinematic" to "themed and colored". Check out our portfolio to see some of our favorite work, and feel free to send us some images you love. We'll tailor or editing process to match your preferences exactly!

How many photos do you take?

Unlike most photographers, we don't charge per photo. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and our ability to provide full service photography. We don't place a limit on how many photos we take, we'll shoot as many frames as we need to in order to completely and accurately capture your event.